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  • E-Waste Management Solution for Government Sectors, Corporates, & Banking Sectors, etc.


For subsequent disposal, we carefully collect the electronic and electric trash from customer locations.


After identifying the toxic materials, we properly dispose of them to protect the environment.


Our method of identifying the collected E-Waste ensures that discarded materials are managed properly.


We congratulate our customers by giving them certificates after properly sorting the E-Waste.

We are an authorised electronic trash recycler and a well-known leader in the field.

We have the expertise and skilled personnel to provide your business with our E-waste compliance solution in accordance with legal regulations.

EWASTER E-waste management

EWASTER - Electronics Waste and Recycling Management

Electronic waste is collected, disposed of, sorted, certified, recycled, and managed throughout India.

Recycling used electrical equipment is made simple by EWASTER boxes, an organised, useful, secure, and environmentally friendly on-site solution that ensures businesses are in compliance with current standards. A sizable box is positioned on your property in order to recycle and recover abandoned electrical and electronic equipment. Our boxes offer a complete solution for businesses searching for a simple way to get rid of their electrical and electronic waste because they can be used both indoors and outside.

Computers, cables, laptops, monitors, televisions, etc. If it fits in our box and is electrical, throw it in! Furthermore, we guarantee that any crucial hardware, including servers, hard drives, and other devices, will have all of their data completely destroyed.

Data Erasure With Guarantee

Your data protection is crucial in our opinion since it protects both your reputation and our reputation.

EWASTER's IT asset disposal, recycling, and management support services make your IT journey safe, secure, and environmentally friendly. Only security-screened employees handle your data, from data collection to final erasure.

We use data sanitization software that is the best in the business to totally erase all data. This is the way that is the safest for removing data from your HDDs, SSDs, and other storage devices.

Thanks to our team, we have a lot of experience safeguarding corporate data. We manage used servers, storage, networking, laptops, desktops, and cell phones from several corporate and government organisations each year.

EWASTER Secure Services

The importance of data protection in corporate strategy is emphasised by EWASTER, the most commonly adopted ITAD security certification standard in India. It is also mentioned in the asset disposal instructions from the National Cyber Security Centre.

Because we are an authorised organisation, we provide our clients with complete peace of mind knowing that their IT equipment will be handled securely, anonymously, and safely. We undergo regular audits to ensure that we continually uphold the highest standards.

If you need to move your IT hardware, we provide secure relocation and migration services that include heavy lifting, tracking, and documentation.

The EWASTER IT Asset Disposition service is the most secure and environmentally responsible way to dispose of your IT equipment. We buy servers, storage, networking, laptops, desktops, and mobile phones from many vendors in order to protect your data.

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We are the best company for managing and gathering electronic garbage, and we are experts at gathering and removing electronic waste in accordance with the law.

For speedy and secure disposal, we offer PAN India pick-up service at our customers' doorsteps. Get a free quote today!

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Clean, practical, secure, and eco-friendly on-site remedy

EWASTER - Electronics Waste and Recycling Management started up with a modest financial commitment a few years ago. EWASTER's presence has now expanded across India. Due to its always expanding workload, the company's future plans call for the creation of other plants around India.

EWASTER is well known for its prompt customer service. The enthusiastic members of our customer service team are capable of responding to client questions and are also happy to support EWASTER's efforts to raise the standard of living for Indian residents.

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EWASTER offers prompt and cost-effective E-waste Recycling and Consultant services.

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Customers from all over India have given EWASTER a rating of 4+ stars.

Eco friendly

With this convenient on-site recycling solution, unwanted electrical equipment may be recycled easily and sustainably.

Quick Pick-Up

Our team will arrange and choose the desired E-waste after you make an inquiry on our website.

Secure Transport

In addition to being speedy and secure, EWASTER Transportation also protects your data.


We received the strictest accreditation and the highest scores for data erasure holding.

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EWASTER - Electronics Waste and Recycling Management

Services For Major E-Waste Management

electronic waste pickup

Planned Pickup

Let's set up the collection of your electronic waste throughout India. Just fill out the online form, and we'll do the rest.

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it assets disposition

Asset Disposition for IT

If you want to completely delete any digital data that you don't want anybody else to have access to, give this task to EWASTER, who can accomplish it correctly.

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electronic waste disposal

E-waste Management

We are an innovation-focused company with a highly competent workforce that expertly handles the disposal of your electronic waste. Additionally, we continually try to make sure that devices are bought and used correctly.

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